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There’s nothing “entry-level” about you.

You’ve proven you’re able to tackle just about anything, but your resumé isn’t getting the right “hits” from traditional job sites, due to your non-traditional experience or declining-in-demand previous job titles.


Maybe you don’t have that four-year degree from the “right” school or the “x years of service” listed as a requirement in job postings because you were serving our country or caring for your family or working in an industry that is becoming obsolete.


But we recognize that you’re more than an arbitrary HR checklist of must-haves. We get it, and our technology is convincing our corporate partners to “get it,” too.

Fork is here to help

Fork is a revolutionary career-building tool to connect you to growth-filled jobs across the span of your career.  


We use the power of AI to examine your true talents, those that translate into roles you may have never thought possible for you but ones that are high-demand positions that allow you to rethink and redefine your career goals. The companies we work with trust our technology to match your abilities to their hiring needs. 

Fork uses highly advanced technology to advance your skills in the next generation of work. 

Are you ready to forge a new direction and improve your career?

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