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The Fork Mission

Fork is on a mission to advance the careers of 10 million individuals by 2030. 


Fork's AI Career Progression Model (CPM) turns conventional checklist recruiting on its head by “screening-in” all talent pools - including those in COVID/automation-vulnerable roles - to higher growth and wage jobs, enabling businesses to overcome severe human capital and diversity constraints, drawing from alternative pathway candidate pools, such as:

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 9.09.21 AM.png

Our Founders

Our founders have extensive experience in digital economy, data, business strategy, sales, and intellectual property. And they have a deeply personal connection to realizing the company’s mission.


As the children of immigrant parents, they have observed firsthand the despair of loved ones struggling to translate their academic and work experience from their native countries to the U.S. market due to entrenched, outdated, and biased hiring practices.

Our Ambition

Our plan over the next five years is to establish Fork as the industry standard in upward-trajectory competency-mapping in digital recruitment and talent management, an essential application layer integrating with leading job boards and corporate HR systems.


We’re committed to solving the human capital and diversity challenges of growing organizations by bringing positive transformative change to this ineffective and inequitable field and to tens of millions of employees seeking personal fulfillment through the dignity of meaningful work.

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